Cease and Desist Orders, Consent Orders, Superior Court Injunctions
Outstanding on Check Casher Licensees, and Individuals

To search for outstanding Cease and Desist Orders, Consent Agreements, or Superior Court Injunctions enter a portion of the company / individual or city name* in the appropriate criteria space and click the 'Run Query' button.

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If you want the entire list of Administrative Actions click on this link: CCAdmActions.XLS

*Queries work by seeking matches with what you enter as a criteria against a database. If you misspell or omit punctuation, you will only find query results if the database contains the same misspelling or punctuation. Don't enter the whole name; there is not enough spaces provided to do that. Some of the records in the database are last name first, others are first name first so entering a full name will only find a match if that is the way the record had been posted. You have a greater chance of finding matches if you enter only one key word or a last name. For instance, entering 'Jo' will find the names Jones and Johnson and Major.