Cease and Desist Orders, Consent Orders, Superior Court Injunctions
Outstanding on Mortgage Institutions and Individuals


To search for outstanding Cease and Desist Orders, Consent Agreements, or Superior Court Injunctions enter a portion of the company / individual or city name* in the appropriate criteria space and click the 'Run Query' button.

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If you want the entire list of Administrative Actions click on this link: AdmActions.XLS

*Queries work by seeking matches with what you enter as a criteria against a database. If you misspell or omit punctuation, you will only find query results if the database contains the same misspelling or punctuation. Don't enter the whole name; there is not enough spaces provided to do that. Some of the records in the database are last name first, others are first name first so entering a full name will only find a match if that is the way the record had been posted. You have a greater chance of finding matches if you enter only one key word or a last name. For instance, entering 'Jo' will find the names Jones and Johnson and Major.