To search for a bank holding company owning a Georgia bank or out-of-state bank with banking offices in Georgia, enter a portion of the HC or city name* in the criteria space and click the 'Run Query' button.

Find HC by name*; sort by name:
Leaving the input
field empty will
provide the entire
list sorted as described.
Find HC by name*; sort by city:
Find HC by city; sort by name:
Find HC by city; sort by city:

If you just want the list of Ga-domiciled bank holding companies in an Excel® format, click on this link: HCs.Zip

*Queries work by seeking matches with what you enter as a criteria against a database. If you misspell or omit punctuation, you will only find query results if the database contains the same misspelling or punctuation. Don't enter the whole name; there is not enough spaces provided to do that. You have a greater chance of finding matches if you enter only one key word or a last name.